Greek banks reopened on monday

Greek banks reopened today after being closed for the three weeks with the scope to prevent the country’s financial system from collapsing. However the limits of 420 euro a week will remain on the cash withdrawals and transfers abroad will still be barred. The Greek financial markets will for now remain closed until further notice. Continue leyendo Greek banks reopened on monday

Market Analysis for January 2014

The U.S. dollar fell but a rising is expected

The dollar fell, affected by the progress of the pound sterling and the Australian dollar. However these setbacks seem that could be mitigated. Recently there was the announcement of a possible further cut in the Federal Reserve bond purchases, so the outlook is bullish for the dollar.

The pound appreciated to a three-week high against the dollar, supported by the good performance of the economy of England.

Unemployment in Britain fell to near the target level of the Bank of England. Therefore we are in a scenario of increasing rates, which will likely push the pound sterling.   Continue leyendo Market Analysis for January 2014

Weekly Summary of Financial Markets 01-05-2013

The new year starts with good news: the U.S. private sector generated 238,000 jobs in December, beating market expectations.

The estimates hovered around 200,000 new jobs, with estimates ranging from 170,000 to 240,000.

The good news also came for the procurement of small businesses and retail sales figures at the end of the year season.

It seems that the economic recovery is accelerating and the market is accompanying this recovery.

Some details that were released during the day: small businesses hired the most workers in nearly eight years during December 2013. Continue leyendo Weekly Summary of Financial Markets 01-05-2013

Weekly Summary of Financial Markets 23-12-2013

News About Wall Street

In the U.S. financial news continues to improve with each report. Manufacturing activity rose for the fourth consecutive month in November. The increase in industrial production is a good indicator of the progress that the U.S. economy is achieving.

Production at U.S. factories rose 0.6 percent last month, following an increase of 0.5 percent in October, said  the Federal Reserve on Monday. The surprise in this report was that the biggest breakthrough of production was in a battered sector during the financial crisis of 2008, the automotive sector. Continue leyendo Weekly Summary of Financial Markets 23-12-2013

Brazil Experienced its First Contraction Since 2009

Brazil can not get out of an economic situation that is more complicated every month. Growth figures showed that industrial production stagnated.

These figures are in line with weak growth reported by the country in the third quarter. Brazil can not seem to grasp the opportunities that brings the proximity of the next World Cup Soccer.

Inflation in November remained nearly 6 percent, which is part of the Government’s goal after six hikes benchmark rate. The industry grew just 0.05 percent in October compared to September. While industrial activity stagnates, inflation rises, which could add new complications the Brazilian economy.   Continue leyendo Brazil Experienced its First Contraction Since 2009

Construction Spending Increases in the U.S.

Continue the good news of positive U.S. data, with increased construction spending, which rose 0.8 percent to an annualized level of 908,400 million.

Analysts expected an increase of 0.4 percent, so the number was a very positive surprise.

In September spending had contracted 0.3 percent , with the effect of the shutdown. Continue leyendo Construction Spending Increases in the U.S.

U.S. Manufacturing Indices Were Positive

The manufacturing index in the U.S. brought optimism to the markets, and that marked a peak in two years.

Another good indicator was the construction spending, which rose sharply in October so the economic outlook this year indicates that the recovery remains firm.

The index of manufacturing activity published by the ISM rose to 57.3 last month. These data were higher than what the market expected. Analysts were expecting a number around 55, and is the maximum of two years.  Continue leyendo U.S. Manufacturing Indices Were Positive

Weekly Summary of Financial Markets 25-11-2013

London is again a financial center of global importance. Data from this year ensure that the London Stock Exchange represented almost half of the outputs of the stock market.

Trading volume reached 41% of all transactions worldwide. In London there are 300,000 people working in the heart of the city for the financial sector. Gone are LehmanBrothers scandals and credit crunch.

Weekly Summary of Financial Markets 18/11/2013

This week was confirmed an important news expected by investors and the market in general: U.S. monetary policy would remain at low rates for a long time.

This was confirmed by Janet Yellen, the strongest candidate to succeed Ben Bernanke as head of the Federal Reserve. In a letter, Yellen said that even if United States achieves better unemployment or inflation figures, there is still a long way to go before raising the interest rates.

Even a low level of unemployment would not be enough to raise interest rates. All this confirms what Yellen said last week in the Senate Banking Committee.  Continue leyendo Weekly Summary of Financial Markets 18/11/2013

Market Analysis for Third Quarter 2013

We are well advanced in season earnings for the third quarter and we have the results of 73% of companies in the S&P 500. The data have generally been good. The 67% of companies exceeded earnings expectations of the market, which is very good.

The revenue growth was 4.3% compared to last year.

This surprise in the results is not due favorable economic movement, but rather by pessimism in the months prior to the earnings season, which lowered the forecasts of analysts.

To analyze well the profits, we must pay attention not only to the percentage that exceeded expectations. The number to look at is the revenue, because earnings can be distorted, while sales and earnings are less sensitive to accounting manipulation. Continue leyendo Market Analysis for Third Quarter 2013

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